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    Review 1 of 2: Professional and speedy response by maintenance
    Yesterday I had a few maintenance issues that needed attention, one being my dryer not working properly. Oscar from Maintenance, responded in what seems like within the hour basically. He was very professional, exercised great patience as he explained each problem and its solution. He also displayed great people skills as he communicated with me and worked quickly to resolve each issue, all with a very pleasant disposition. He takes his time to make sure that the job is well done! I can not speak highly enough about him! Kudos to him and to Lakeside for having him on their team. He is a great asset to the company!
  • 100% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 2 of 2: Staff review
    Just wanted to leave a review about ‘Juliana Noronha’ I was completely satisfied with her service. Good on reminders and ensuring everything is updated in the apartment and also that I’m comfortable with the work being done. Professional and inviting.